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What is ROC compliance?

ROC stands for Registrar of Companies which is an office under the Indian Ministry of corporate affairs that deal with the administration of the Companies Act, 2013. ROC has been appointed under section 609 of the companies act covering the various States and Union Territories are vested with the primary duty of registering companies and LLPs floating in the respective states and the Union Territories and ensuring that such companies and LLPs comply with statutory requirements under the act. The office of ROC functions as registry records, related to the companies registered with them, which are available for inspection by members of public on payment of the prescribed fee. Moreover, there are currently 22 Registrars of companies (ROC) operating from offices in all major states of India.

Choose Your Company ROC compliances Package

Private Limited Company

  • Drafting of required documents
  • Regular reminder and follow ups for compliance
  • Free consultation for ROC compliances by expert.
  • Filing financial statement and other documents with the Registrar. Form AOC-4
  • Filing annual return by a company.Form MGT-7
  • Appoitment of Auditor.ADT - 1
  • Application for KYC of Directors - 2 directors Form DIR KYC -3 /DIR-3-KYC Web
  • Return of deposits Form DPT-3


Annual Retainership

  • Annual Return filing + All necessary return filing as per balance sheet (except XBRL)
  • Appointment of auditor - 1 time
  • All necessary documents draftings for annual returns
  • All necessary notices, resolutions drafting
  • Maintaining all records of shares and subscribers of company
  • Physical copies of all compliances will be handover after completion of work
  • Regular reminders and follow ups by experts for timely compliances
  • Advice from experts to avoid any kind of penalty
  • time director change service free of cost
  • time change of address (within city)
  • time transfer of shares (transfer to resident Indian)
  • Fulfilment of any requirements of Board Resolution required by banking and financial instititions.


Other ROC compliance services

KYC of directors (DIR-3)

  • PAN Card , Adhaar Card, Email id , Mobile number
  • Dedicated Support


ROC Charge registration

  • As per requirement sent by our expert
  • Dedicated Support


Extra ROC Services


Each and every entity registered under registrar of firms are need to make mandatory complaince of ROC. We provide all related services as per requirements

ROC Compilance for Private Limited Company

whichever is earlier
Sr No. Description Form Name Due Date Event base/mandatory Requirements
1 Declaration for commencement of business Form INC-20A Before commencement of business activity of the company or within 180 days of incorporation of company Mandatory Bank statement showing initial capital of company from its subscribers
2 Appoitment of Auditor ADT - 1 Within 30 days Mandatory Resolution of appointment of auditor and declaration from CA
3 Form for Furnishing Half yearly return with the registrar in respect of outstanding payments to Micro or Small Enterprise Form MSME 30th April Event base Declaration from company in specified format
3 Form for Furnishing Half yearly return with the registrar in respect of outstanding payments to Micro or Small Enterprise Form MSME 30th April Event base Declaration from company in specified format
4 Return of deposits Form DPT-3 30th June Event base Declaration from company in specified format
5 Application for KYC of Directors Form DIR KYC -3 /DIR-3-KYC Web 30th Sept Mandatory Declaration from directors in specified format
6 Form for filing financial statement and other documents with the Registrar Form AOC-4 30th Oct Mandatory Audited Financial Statements
7 Form for filing annual return by a company. Form MGT-7 30th Nov Mandatory Audited Financial Statements
8 Return to the Registrar in respect of declaration under section 90 Form BEN-2 31st March Event base Declaration from company in specified format

- Certificate of incorporation
- Memorandum of association
- Articles of association
- Email id
- Mobile number
- DSC of directors
Includes :
- basic document draft prepared by experts which are required for annual filings.

Audited Financial Statements:
1 Audited balance sheet and schedules
2 Audited Profit and Loss account and schedules
3 Audit Report with UDIN
4 Notes to accounts.

ROC Compliances for Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Sr No. Description Form Name Due Date Event base/mandatory
1 Annual Return of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Form-11 30th May Mandatory
2 Application for KYC of Directors Form DIR KYC-3 /DIR-3-KYC Web 30th September Mandatory
3 Statement of Account & Solvency Form-8 30th October Mandatory

- LLP Deed
- Certificate of incorporation of LLP
- Audited Financial Statements with notes to balance sheet
- Audit Report
Includes :
- Basic document drafting for annual returns.

Brief information of ROC annual filings

Every company registered in India - private limited, limited company, one person company and section 8 company must file annual returns with ROC every year.Due dates of filing are provided here. Every company requires conducting of an Annual General Meeting and filing annual accounts with ROC. AGM must be held within 6 months from the end of the financial year i.e. 30th September every year. In case of new companies, first AGM should be held within 18 months from the date of incorporation or 9 months from the close of financial year whichever is earlier. Companies Act 2013 mandates that your financial year should start from 1st April and end on 31st March.
Annual return consists of information and documents that include the Balance Sheet of the Company, Profit & Loss Account, Compliance Certificate, Registered Office Address, Register of Member, Shares and Debentures details, Debt details and information about the Management of the Company. The annual return would also disclose the shareholding structure of the Company, changes in Directorship and details of transfers of securities.

Penalties for Non compliance in company return filing

Non-filing of Annual returns entail hefty penalties. These are over and above normal fees charged by MCA and there is no way to reduce the penalties.